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Fast & free RSS feed reader as a browser extension for Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, Brave and Firefox for reading blogs, news or any RSS, Atom or RDF based feed.

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Why Feedbro?

We believe time is our most valuable asset.

We believe it is waste of valuable time to spend minutes or even hours every day to go through dozens of websites, blogs, social media sites etc. manually.

We believe that all the new information that you are interested in, should be automatically aggregated into one place from various sources you care about (both Internet and intranet) into easy-to-read format and automatically filtered based on the rules you define.

We believe that the faster you learn, gain new knowledge and information the better you will succeed in life as an individual and as an organization. Therefore it is vital to learn new things every day and follow relevant and valuable sources of information effortlessly.

We believe privacy is important so that only you know what sources you follow.

Read and follow feeds and social media with Feedbro

With Feedbro you can read RSS, Atom and RDF feeds and thanks to built-in integration also content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Telegram, Rumble, Yammer, YouTube Channels, YouTube Search, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Job Search, Bitchute, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, SlideShare Search, Telegram, Dribbble, eBay Search and Reddit.

No more surfing around for hours every day! Content comes to you! You can save massive amount of time! As a result, you can maximize your productivity and use the time to produce value and reach your goals!

Opera view

Some comments from our users

Check out the reviews on Chrome Web Store, Edge Add-on Store and Mozilla Add-on Store by our 150 000+ satisfied daily active users.

"I administrate several news groups on social media and use this extension to aggregate my news services. What used to take me hours I can do in minutes. Love it!"
"The best feed reader out there! Great work!"
"Great add-on which can be configured in all ways I need. I especially like the rules I can define to delete articles automatically I'm not interested in."
"FANTASTIC reader. Every inch of it is polished and trim. It was like going from a bike to a Lexus."

Tree-based feed navigation with folders and drag & drop support

You can create folders (e.g. based on category) and use them to group similar feeds. Feeds and folders can be arranged with a mouse by using drag & drop. This makes it easy to read e.g. all new feed items in folder "Leadership" (just click the folder).

Opera view

Advanced Rule Engine

You can create Rules that are triggered either when a new article arrives (is loaded from the source) or when an article is viewed. Rules can use article title, author and content as an input for rule conditions.

Rule conditions support scanning based on words, text fragment, regular expression and "all", "any", "none" type grouping logic.

Rules can trigger actions such as desktop notification (using Chrome notification system), sound effect, highlighting of the article border, hiding or deleting the article, adding a tag, marking the article as a favorite or highlighting certain words or parts of the content text.

Rule Engine view

Feed autodiscovery

It is very easy to add new feed subscriptions to Feedbro. Just open the blog or website with your browser, click the Feedbro icon and select "Find Feeds in Current Tab". Feedbro will automatically find all the RSS, Atom and RDF feeds linked to the page and lets you subscribe to selected feeds with two clicks.

Autodiscover view

Partial article to full article conversion

Feedbro has a built-in ClearBody Engine that can convert partial feed articles to full text articles. This is a feed specific option that needs to be turned on in Feed Properties (right-click the feed in feed tree, select properties, adjust the "Feed Entry Content" and Save).

Full article view

Tagging system with autocomplete and search

You can quickly add custom tags to articles. When typing the tag, Feedbro uses autocomplete based on existing tag names to help you complete the tag quicker. Tags main menu shows all given tags and many many articles are associated to those tags. You can search for articles with a specific tag by simply clicking the tag name in Tags view or the article view when hovering on top of the tag list with a mouse.


Multiple browsing and viewing modes

View all, view all in a folder, view all in a feed, view all with a tag. View complete articles or just headlines. Optionally view only unread articles. Sort articles either newest first or oldest first. View only articles that are newer than specified date.

Also supports Opera RSS reader style three column view - feed list - article title list - article body!

Magazine view

UI Themes

Feedbro supports Light, Dark, Aqua, Sepia and Chill UI themes.

News view

MathJax support

Feedbro has built-in support for LaTeX and TeX that are used to display mathematical formulas and symbols. Enable in Options.

MathJax view

IFTTT integration

With IFTTT.com integration you can create Rules in Feedbro so that you can automate content monitoring. For example you will get an email when a job matching your criteria becomes available.

Desktop notifications

Based on the Rule Engine rules that you have defined Feedbro can show notifications on the Desktop when for example an article is posted in specific blog, by some certain author or contains certain keywords.

Social sharing

Article sharing via: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, FriendFeed, Instapaper, Yammer, Pocket, Evernote, Gmail and installed Email-client.

OPML support - Import & export feed subscriptions

Import existing feed subscriptions as an OPML file or export subscriptions from Feedbro as OPML.

Keyboard shortcuts

Powerful keyboard shortcuts (very similar to Google Reader) make browsing even faster.

Feed specific settings

Feed specific polling delay to check new articles (even with 1 minute frequency) and feed specific setting how many articles to store.

Simple interface for removing inactive feeds

Feed statistics main menu in Feedbro shows a list of all subscribed feeds and some key meta data about them such as when was the latest article posted to the feed or if there were any errors when accessing the feed last time (loading timeout, invalid XML etc). Feedbro can automatically select feeds that have posts older than X days so you can remove these 'dead' feeds quickly by pressing just one button.